Week 6

Oh my gosh this is hilarious! I am on a learning curve, just screaming along this roller coaster of new information that is totally invigorating and fairly intimidating! I have never blogged, tweeted, met an online community or even taken a course using the internet. .. . SOOOOO the best part is I am learning A LOT and it’s changing my life and affecting the people I know and love in postive ways as well.

But as I am trying to navigate this roller coaster climb and fulfilling the requirements. . . I am finally circling back here to my Blog. . . back to my “organic farm blog”. . . I can not stop laughing. . . oh my gosh. . . this is soooo funny because I am not an organic farm (yet, ~will be one day). I had no idea when I was setting out to learn a little more about “blogging”, that while looking around at the themes, choosing one I liked, that all the material comes with it . . So when I arrived here today imagine my surprise to find I am appearing as an organic farm with all kinds of misleading information . . . But be patient with me, the MKE course is not finished with me yet. There is sooooo much good content waiting to land here, I just need a few more coaching sessions to get the “funny farm” portion of my blog figured out.

In the meantime I have learned to sit for 20 minutes and I’m craving to sit longer! I sat for 60 minutes this weekend in front of the Blessed Sacrament and it was HEAVENLY . . . I love my new Solar Plexus best friend and we are kicking fear to the curb! God has lit a light, that is burning so bright, there is no room for that dark, dangerous, debilitating cloud on THIS JOURNEY! I am taking care of the future Leah and getting as many things done for her today as possible so when she needs to love and serve others she is ready and available! Thank you so much for laughing with me . . . there will be plenty more LOL~ing to come!


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