Week 7

Well it keeps getting more entertaining! I finally took the time to change my “theme” and could not manage to find the undo or redo button anywhere. I am sure it’s in a video,but can’t find it yet. . so in the meantime while I was clicking around to be a self learner and I thought I found the perfect new theme . . . but it was simply some sort of enhancement which added new font and “tape” scrapbook style to my organic food delivery service pictures. . . more laughter. Suddenly I am DIY, meets organic delivery girl. . . just need some travel photos, a few recipes and I’ll have all the bases covered!Who knew blogging could be so much fun!!!

This week I managed to complete my movie poster but could not choose the number parts. Fortunately Mark just reminded us to make a decision and don’t worry about it. So tonight I am writing something down and I always keep my promises.

The part of the reading that really stood out for me from was,” before sewing the seed know what the harvest is to be.” That made sense to me (cause I’m practically an organic farmer. . .) because that is why we are doing the work. We have to SEE the harvest that will be in our lives, so we can do the work to bring it to fruition. EVERYONE must first visualize, the architect, the inventor, the farmer. They all first started with a mental plan and then began the physical labor. The better the plan, the better the product.

I felt more discouragement this week, and was unsure if I should continue as I keep doubting if I am doing things right, forgetting some things and feeling anxious about not getting it all done. But as Daveen said, you can’t start something and quit. .. that would further create another bad habit. She’s right of course. So here I go ready for week 8 . . . going to hit the restart button and be thankful to start a fresh service card, be the gentle observer and scout out the issues that need rewiring so I can be the best version of myself and not be limited by those old blueprint beliefs.

Jeremiah 29:11 ~ For I know the plans I have in mind for you says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not your woe plans give you a future full of hope.


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