Week 9

Beautiful gift from the board meeting this week. I was thinking about the color shapes that I was supposed to hang around my house and have not done it. There are a multitude of reasons: I can’t get them to download, they are not attractive, I am still unclear if they are the right fit for my future plans and then the surprising discovery of all . . the real driving force behind the delay. . . . FEAR!! What if people read them and laughed at me or questioned me? That was at the root of it .

Image result for bible verses don't worry about what others think catholic bible

Then it came to me… there is room on this planet for the FUTURE Leah. My playing small, trying to fit in or conform to others ideas and limitations for me is not going to serve anyone! That was such a relief and so liberating. Now to figure out those shapes, get my goals aligned with my heart and mind and we are GOLDEN! Be the light!

Image result for Proverbs 29:25"

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