Week 10

This week had some terrific highs,and challenging moments that came out of nowhere. Travelling with a friend meant I had to become resourceful with my board meetings and doing my sit on a . . . toilet. . the sit suddenly had a whole new double meaning! ( yes the lid was down) Top marks for ingenuity and problem solving. . . Also found a Master Mind Partner. Everything I thought I wanted and so much more. We were both to so delighted to meet each other and discover all the amazing connections we had. Thanks be to God and can’t wait to see where it leads us.

Had some yucky interactions this week as well. One made me think of the subby in the solar plexis and my thoughts in my mind (mostly 🙂 and how there was a ladder up and a slide down. It was circuit, kind of like a series of Christmas lights. After several bad “feelings” one morning, I realized that I was allowing this one person to block one of the rungs up the ladder. I had given them power and it stopped the flow. I saw how the free flow of thoughts, ideas, communication needed to be based on eternal things not just finite issues. I had allowed finite issues to block the circuit. Fortunately it was coffee time with Mark J that afternoon and I manged to buy some ear buds, log on to the call while getting lunch and finding a private seat in a food court to listen in. (whatever private means in a food court!) It was such a gift and perfect timing. Right away I got to refocus on the hero’s journey and chose to remove those thoughts ( and people) from the ladder, so the communication could flow, the lights could come on and I could take control over me or my future me. ( who knew this week would talk about this?!)

Another cool thing was an article in The Word Among Us about Antoni Gaudi. They called him God’s architect. As a child he used to be immerse himself in nature and became familiar with non linear forms found in nature. Spiders webs, snail shells, tree trunks. He said, “nature is the Great Book always open, that we should force ourselves to read.” I found such inspiration in this as that’s what we are learning to do. Use our imagination to create masterpieces in our lives. I found some impressive images of some of his work and included a few below. Enjoy the fruits of a master of imagining!!

Image result for sagrada familia
Interior of Sagrada Familia
“Do you want to know where I found my model? An upright tree. . .Every individual part has been growing harmoniously, magnificently, ever since God the artist created it.” ~Antoni Gaudi
Image result for sagrada familia

The Basilica de la Sagrada

Related image
The balconies of the ‘Casa Batllo’ by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi is decorated with roses on Saint George’s Day, also known as The Day of the Rose, in Barcelona.

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