Week 13

Wow what a week! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the most extra wonderful pressure as well. . . . I had some great mind pictures this week after having some embarrassing experiences during Christmas prep. When I went to bed one night, I had all these regrets about my behavior and suddenly I had this image of those painful moments when I wasn’t the best version of myself through out the day. I had this vision of an assembly line with the people and experiences when I had been the worst version of myself with and there was this large machine that was bubble wrapping each frustrating experience much like a spider wraps a fly in its web or a caterpillar wraps in a cocoon. It made me smile so much because even though I “failed”, I was able to forgive and let it go and not let it CONSUME me as it had in the past. . .The next morning I woke up for my sit and this was sooo funny! I saw all my thoughts and cells like little mountain bikers! And they were just flying off the jumps. I mean FLYING. . .it made me giggle and then observe the fact that the operator of the most amazing machine in the world was sooo distracted that every thought and every cell was just having a free for all. Do what you want, when you want, cause the operator of the most amazing mechanism is sooo distracted with all these finite issues, that there is no divine connection to what and where my thoughts should be focused.

There was timely connection when I read the daily reading for my advent book by Padre Pio it said: Today I will list all the desires of my heart that seem to me to be impossible dreams. Then I will choose ONE – just ONE – to decide to believe in, with my whole heart and soul. And I will make a note of it and post it where I will see it every morning, to remind myself that with God , all things are possible. *That sure sounds familiar with all we are learning.

It’s taking me over 2 weeks and several attempts ( including power outage for over 2 days) trying to listen to week 13 between all the challenges. I loved hearing Davene say, “no matter where you are, no matter how far behind you are just keep doing! I have lots to do and will continue to do it, to create a total personality make over to bring out my God given GREATNESS for 2020!”


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