Week 21 ✅✝✅

“A negative sign is 1/2 of a positive sign looking for a stroke of vertical awareness.” ~Alan Cohen

This has been true for me this week as I had a bizarre blast from the past that was 1/2 of a positive sign and it took the whole MKW team for me to find that stroke of vertical awareness. ✝ I am thankful for the 7 Laws of the mind, brain science and all that we’ve been learning and applying as I was able to use it to become a better version of myself. I actually had a vision at church of that old useless, good for nothing neuronet being released.

In an adult brain plasticity may be accounted for by the above two mechanisms: creation of new synaptic connections between neurons, and modification of existing synapses.

But it didn’t stop there. After the Sunday call and master mind session Davene invited me to think of it all different. She said I need to LISTEN. Although I was confused on how it related to what I had shared, I continued to think about it. What I came up with was the Law of Substitution. When the negative situation comes to my mind I can substitute it with the word LISTEN. I can add another”stroke of vertical awareness” and make it positive. ✝ As always the dictionary brings more clarity.

give one’s attention to a sound take notice of and act on what someone says
respond to advice or a request as one is told
make an effort to hear something; be alert and ready to hear something.

I applied what Mark had said a few weeks back about using the energy and clarity we get from the dragons and so I chose to use this one to help me grow. It enabled me to turn the situation from confusion to me being in control and I was able to use that dragon experience to be a trigger for me to LISTEN.

To listen on so many more levels and be aware of where I was giving my attention. Not just LISTENing to the sounds and communication in my life, but even more importantly to LISTEN to the silence. The silence that lives within me. That great big space between each and every atoms that makes up all my cells and therefore my entire being. That great big space designed by and FULL of God, who created the universe, babies and eyeballs. How I long to listen to that silence and acknowledge that space so I can be ALERT and RESPOND to the ADVICE or REQUEST!

I am looking forward to being a LISTENER~ thank you dragon.💖🐲

“Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance.”

Proverbs 1:5

2 thoughts on “Week 21 ✅✝✅

  1. I love thart quote, “A negative sign is 1/2 of a positive sign looking for a stroke of vertical awareness.” Cool! I will remember that one. Thank you for sharing your thoughts around this. Listen to the Silence – how appropreate now that that’s exactly what we’re going to do as instructed on the webinar yesterday! Love it! Keep up the good work, my friend ♥


  2. Wow- what a cool quote, thank you! I can tell you are getting so much out of this and you are on your journey! Everything is in the silence. Answers. Wisdom. God. You. Also, love the vision that you shared of releasing the old neuronet! I feel your depth and loving heart- thank you for sharing your journey.


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