Week 22+ ♨

Well this past two weeks have included the gifts as always as well as more of the . . whaaaaaat? Since I decided to join GO 90 Grow I have been busy trying to navigate my way around the new site and assignments. But as I’ve been reading think and grow rich this struck me.

The secret is not directly named. . . so when those who are ready, and searching for it , may pick it up.

~Napolean Hill

I realized I have been so GC ( greatly confused) with my BP, DMP, PPN’s and a whole lot of other acronyms associated with this course that it is just now after watching and then re- watching the videos in T&GR what I have found what I was searching for, I am finally READY to pick it up. I am clarifying my dreams to make them manageable and enable subby and I to clearly FOCUS on and define what my hearts desire is at this time in history.

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Getting to the place where the burning desire makes sense is such a relief and I am so thankful that this Sunday evening I head out on my 3 day silent retreat. Three will be no running water, no flush toilets, no one else on the property. . . just me, the creator of the universe, babies and eyeballs hanging out in the middle of His glorious creation.

I have learned so much about my faith through this course and when I was at mass last weekend I witnessed an insight that was worth sharing. My girls were babysitting these little 3 year old twins and their 3 brothers. It was full on entertainment and much, much more. The following is the reflection I wrote after mass.

WOW!! What a Mass and a moment . . . I EXPERIENCED the love of the Father and the child like faith in the flesh, true living color right before my eyes!! BAM. .. this is it!!!!

One of the little 3 year old girls looks up at my husband with the brightest, sparkly, excited eyes and with those eyes poses a question in that brightness. “Will you do that again?” “MORE??” She was delighting in the Father picking her up and flipping her. It took my breath away. I wanted to take a picture as I knew I was witnessing Heaven on earth, let the children come to me, and have faith like a child all wrapped up in that moment. The pure connection of love and trust and her desire for “MORE” made my heart sing and gave me a burning desire to have that with God, my Father!! The other twin wanted to play finger games and that same sparkle and shameless, joy filled request, “MORE?? . . . Again?” It was so easy to be present in the moment and take it ALL in. My mind was locked into the depth of this precious message and how the Father is waiting, longing to go eye to eye with me.

I feel like the silent retreat is going to be just that. A time of discovering the LOVE of the Father and the burning desire to be that child looking with my brightest, sparkly, excited eyes and my arms above my head saying “MORE”!


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