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Week 14

Well even though I have been doing my bible and advent readings. . . and Hanel I have been sliding down the slippery slope of just stopping a little bit of course work here and then a little bit more. . . and then I even missed some of my beloved board meetings in this holiday time. I have been back to doing the NOW things and not planning for the forever things! It started before week 13 which I finally finished listening to today! It was encouraging felt encouraged when Mark was sharing the statistics for reading the greatest salesman book . I was a perfect example of that. I slowly stopped reading it 3 times a day, then stopped 2 times a day and finally just stopped reading it altogether. . . It was good to know that my behaviors and just keep chipping away at that cement that keeps the Gold from shining! Today I got most things back on track! Yea!😉


In all the world there is nobody like you. Since the beginning of time, there has never been another person like you, Nobody has your smile, your eyes, your hands, your hair. Nobody owns your handwriting, your voice.

You’re special.

Nobody can paint your brushstroke Nobody has your taste for food or music or dance or art.
Nobody in the universe sees things as you do.
In all time there has never been anybody who laughs in exactly your way,
And what makes you laugh or cry or think
May cause a totally different response in another,

You’re special

You are different from any other person who has ever lived in all history
You are the only one in the whole of creation
Who has your particular set of abilities
There is always someone who is better at one thing or another than you
But no one has your combination of talents and feelings.
Through all eternity, no one will ever walk, talk,
think,or do anything exactly like you.

You’re special.

You’re rare, and in all rarity there is an enormous value
And because of your great value you need not try to imitate anybody else
You’re special…. And it’s no accident you are
God made you special for a purpose
He has a job for you to do as well as you can.
Out of the billions of applicants, only one is qualified.
Only one has the unique and right combination of what it takes,
And that one is you because you are special.


Week 13

Wow what a week! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the most extra wonderful pressure as well. . . . I had some great mind pictures this week after having some embarrassing experiences during Christmas prep. When I went to bed one night, I had all these regrets about my behavior and suddenly I had this image of those painful moments when I wasn’t the best version of myself through out the day. I had this vision of an assembly line with the people and experiences when I had been the worst version of myself with and there was this large machine that was bubble wrapping each frustrating experience much like a spider wraps a fly in its web or a caterpillar wraps in a cocoon. It made me smile so much because even though I “failed”, I was able to forgive and let it go and not let it CONSUME me as it had in the past. . .The next morning I woke up for my sit and this was sooo funny! I saw all my thoughts and cells like little mountain bikers! And they were just flying off the jumps. I mean FLYING. . .it made me giggle and then observe the fact that the operator of the most amazing machine in the world was sooo distracted that every thought and every cell was just having a free for all. Do what you want, when you want, cause the operator of the most amazing mechanism is sooo distracted with all these finite issues, that there is no divine connection to what and where my thoughts should be focused.

There was timely connection when I read the daily reading for my advent book by Padre Pio it said: Today I will list all the desires of my heart that seem to me to be impossible dreams. Then I will choose ONE – just ONE – to decide to believe in, with my whole heart and soul. And I will make a note of it and post it where I will see it every morning, to remind myself that with God , all things are possible. *That sure sounds familiar with all we are learning.

It’s taking me over 2 weeks and several attempts ( including power outage for over 2 days) trying to listen to week 13 between all the challenges. I loved hearing Davene say, “no matter where you are, no matter how far behind you are just keep doing! I have lots to do and will continue to do it, to create a total personality make over to bring out my God given GREATNESS for 2020!”

Week 11

I did not want to write, had nothing to write this week. Still heart broken from the death of a loved one and funeral last weekend, and boy it left me heavy.

But thanks be to God to all you members out there… I finally had the brain space, time and ability to look at more blogs. I have done a little in the past, but today I made the time to see more of you, and what’s happening out there! What a great relief, surprise and inspiration! We are all in this together for sure . . .

Cause this week, more then ever, downer Betty team members arrived on the seen. There was . . . despair, worthless, confusion, frustration, annoying, why bother~ Eeyore style and many other combinations of yuck. If feelings were a fast food joint, I supersized all my orders this week. Finally it came to me, I am grieving, and that’s okay. . I don’t have to judge everything with the grief meter.

“Just be in it and not confuse the pain with your passion and purpose.”

Then on top of that, the Hanel challenge to envision that cone from the week before seemed like a great addition to “the kick you while you are down” combo, I didn’t even know I ordered. . . I was experiencing such frustration and discouragement I had no clue how to do that. So I decided to attend the University of U tube. I found a sample of a three dimensional cone here at from TIKLE’S ACADEMY. So this allowed me to at least see something. I also discovered how you can turn Isometric view into orthographic views ( one dimensional). Even though this are not the right way to view it from our directions it still gave me something to start the visualization from.

Image result for examples of isometric view  of cone created from orthographic views

It seemed so cool that the architects (especially before computers) needed this skill for “seeing” the completed building in their minds. So I continued to keep drawing the square with the circle in it and then I cut out another circle and made it into a cone smaller then the circle in the square, put a dot in the center of it and held it 10 inches in front of the square and circle. That was helpful too. Then I had the idea to make the lines thicker and that has also assisted with the visualization. Although the wall still remains blank, I can sometimes see a version of it when I close my eyes. I totally see the value of having a developed imagination and being able to fully visualize what our true purpose is. Just like architects I am learning how take my orthographic thoughts ( one dimensional) and make them isometric!

Thanks again, all of you for sharing your hero’s journey on your blogs, you were just what I needed, when I needed it post!😉

Hanel said that, “the accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success”.

Image result for the accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success”.

Week 10

This week had some terrific highs,and challenging moments that came out of nowhere. Travelling with a friend meant I had to become resourceful with my board meetings and doing my sit on a . . . toilet. . the sit suddenly had a whole new double meaning! ( yes the lid was down) Top marks for ingenuity and problem solving. . . Also found a Master Mind Partner. Everything I thought I wanted and so much more. We were both to so delighted to meet each other and discover all the amazing connections we had. Thanks be to God and can’t wait to see where it leads us.

Had some yucky interactions this week as well. One made me think of the subby in the solar plexis and my thoughts in my mind (mostly 🙂 and how there was a ladder up and a slide down. It was circuit, kind of like a series of Christmas lights. After several bad “feelings” one morning, I realized that I was allowing this one person to block one of the rungs up the ladder. I had given them power and it stopped the flow. I saw how the free flow of thoughts, ideas, communication needed to be based on eternal things not just finite issues. I had allowed finite issues to block the circuit. Fortunately it was coffee time with Mark J that afternoon and I manged to buy some ear buds, log on to the call while getting lunch and finding a private seat in a food court to listen in. (whatever private means in a food court!) It was such a gift and perfect timing. Right away I got to refocus on the hero’s journey and chose to remove those thoughts ( and people) from the ladder, so the communication could flow, the lights could come on and I could take control over me or my future me. ( who knew this week would talk about this?!)

Another cool thing was an article in The Word Among Us about Antoni Gaudi. They called him God’s architect. As a child he used to be immerse himself in nature and became familiar with non linear forms found in nature. Spiders webs, snail shells, tree trunks. He said, “nature is the Great Book always open, that we should force ourselves to read.” I found such inspiration in this as that’s what we are learning to do. Use our imagination to create masterpieces in our lives. I found some impressive images of some of his work and included a few below. Enjoy the fruits of a master of imagining!!

Image result for sagrada familia
Interior of Sagrada Familia
“Do you want to know where I found my model? An upright tree. . .Every individual part has been growing harmoniously, magnificently, ever since God the artist created it.” ~Antoni Gaudi
Image result for sagrada familia

The Basilica de la Sagrada

Related image
The balconies of the ‘Casa Batllo’ by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi is decorated with roses on Saint George’s Day, also known as The Day of the Rose, in Barcelona.

Week 9

Beautiful gift from the board meeting this week. I was thinking about the color shapes that I was supposed to hang around my house and have not done it. There are a multitude of reasons: I can’t get them to download, they are not attractive, I am still unclear if they are the right fit for my future plans and then the surprising discovery of all . . the real driving force behind the delay. . . . FEAR!! What if people read them and laughed at me or questioned me? That was at the root of it .

Image result for bible verses don't worry about what others think catholic bible

Then it came to me… there is room on this planet for the FUTURE Leah. My playing small, trying to fit in or conform to others ideas and limitations for me is not going to serve anyone! That was such a relief and so liberating. Now to figure out those shapes, get my goals aligned with my heart and mind and we are GOLDEN! Be the light!

Image result for Proverbs 29:25"

Week 8

Okay so week 8 has flown by and boy do I LOVE my board meetings. That’s what I call my quiet time with God. It is so exciting to invite EVERY SINGLE cell in my body to come and relax and hangout with the creator of the universe, babies and eye balls. Just sit back and relax and be in His divine presence. The only peptides that need to be in service during that time are peace and calming ~ and dose of awe and wonder and LOVE to keep the meeting in the flow! It’s also mandatory that ALL the receptors everywhere need to be open and on deck to receive a whole bunch of healing and re-configuring and get directions to know the will of God and how to live the life of a saint as a saint. I definitely have the busy brain syndrome and it’s a huge challenge to get everyone ( i love that video where it gives all the cells and peptides personalities) to the meeting . . . and then to actually get all my thoughts to shut down and listen. Cause when I don’t sit back relax and LISTEN to the voice of God, the divine healer, it creates a huge disconnect and missed opportunity to HEAR his loving message. . . the meeting needs SILENCE! As Mathew Kelly calls it, the “classroom of silence”. . . I am finding 30 minutes flying by and think I will increase it to 35 minutes this week.

I found it encouraging to know that the result of our thought is governed by a law that cannot be changed EVER! This is so empowering as we are the gatekeepers and as George Matthews Adam said, “learn how to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out of your office, and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end view in mind. We are only to welcome all that is true, beautiful, noble and holy and aligned with eternity. I continue to ask myself when I am being challenged is this a finite situation with no helpful end view? Or is tied to infinite where it can produce fruit a hundred fold? It’s imperative that I am spending my precious gift of 86,400 seconds wisely. I always keep my promises.

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. I am exalted among nations, I am exalted in the earth.

I am so thankful for all this course is teaching me. I prayed for a test to challenge me and these new skills and sure enough’ I was in a few exams this week. .. . . Subby was delighted, this was familiar ground. . . but after wandering around, riding the wave of emotions and confusion, the Calvary of Clarity came upon the scene and I had an . . . ah “Haaaah” . . . it’s just a test, and I have the answer! I have a choice how I want to feel about this. I choose not to ride that finite one . . . i choose to BE STILL and let it go. . .

Week 7

Well it keeps getting more entertaining! I finally took the time to change my “theme” and could not manage to find the undo or redo button anywhere. I am sure it’s in a video,but can’t find it yet. . so in the meantime while I was clicking around to be a self learner and I thought I found the perfect new theme . . . but it was simply some sort of enhancement which added new font and “tape” scrapbook style to my organic food delivery service pictures. . . more laughter. Suddenly I am DIY, meets organic delivery girl. . . just need some travel photos, a few recipes and I’ll have all the bases covered!Who knew blogging could be so much fun!!!

This week I managed to complete my movie poster but could not choose the number parts. Fortunately Mark just reminded us to make a decision and don’t worry about it. So tonight I am writing something down and I always keep my promises.

The part of the reading that really stood out for me from was,” before sewing the seed know what the harvest is to be.” That made sense to me (cause I’m practically an organic farmer. . .) because that is why we are doing the work. We have to SEE the harvest that will be in our lives, so we can do the work to bring it to fruition. EVERYONE must first visualize, the architect, the inventor, the farmer. They all first started with a mental plan and then began the physical labor. The better the plan, the better the product.

I felt more discouragement this week, and was unsure if I should continue as I keep doubting if I am doing things right, forgetting some things and feeling anxious about not getting it all done. But as Daveen said, you can’t start something and quit. .. that would further create another bad habit. She’s right of course. So here I go ready for week 8 . . . going to hit the restart button and be thankful to start a fresh service card, be the gentle observer and scout out the issues that need rewiring so I can be the best version of myself and not be limited by those old blueprint beliefs.

Jeremiah 29:11 ~ For I know the plans I have in mind for you says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not your woe plans give you a future full of hope.

Week 6

Oh my gosh this is hilarious! I am on a learning curve, just screaming along this roller coaster of new information that is totally invigorating and fairly intimidating! I have never blogged, tweeted, met an online community or even taken a course using the internet. .. . SOOOOO the best part is I am learning A LOT and it’s changing my life and affecting the people I know and love in postive ways as well.

But as I am trying to navigate this roller coaster climb and fulfilling the requirements. . . I am finally circling back here to my Blog. . . back to my “organic farm blog”. . . I can not stop laughing. . . oh my gosh. . . this is soooo funny because I am not an organic farm (yet, ~will be one day). I had no idea when I was setting out to learn a little more about “blogging”, that while looking around at the themes, choosing one I liked, that all the material comes with it . . So when I arrived here today imagine my surprise to find I am appearing as an organic farm with all kinds of misleading information . . . But be patient with me, the MKE course is not finished with me yet. There is sooooo much good content waiting to land here, I just need a few more coaching sessions to get the “funny farm” portion of my blog figured out.

In the meantime I have learned to sit for 20 minutes and I’m craving to sit longer! I sat for 60 minutes this weekend in front of the Blessed Sacrament and it was HEAVENLY . . . I love my new Solar Plexus best friend and we are kicking fear to the curb! God has lit a light, that is burning so bright, there is no room for that dark, dangerous, debilitating cloud on THIS JOURNEY! I am taking care of the future Leah and getting as many things done for her today as possible so when she needs to love and serve others she is ready and available! Thank you so much for laughing with me . . . there will be plenty more LOL~ing to come!

week 4

Week 4 was a bit of a challenge, but that’s what made it good!
The excitement has worn off a bit and the exercises seem more like a challenge, just like going to a gym! However as I become more of the “observer” I realize that the old blueprint of my belief system is caught up in judgement. Who knew??? It started when I identified how scared I was to post things or be recorded on a call or not do something correctly. I actually got so nervous and confused that I realized my thinking brain was shutting down. . . Hmmm . . . that was a helpful piece to the puzzle. Which led me to ask the question, “what are you afraid of?” That list of fears was fascinating! I could see that I was judging myself with the same measurement tool that I was in fact judging others as well. . . .ouch! I could see that my fear of failure and not being good enough was a huge roadblock. It made the bible verse come to life.
“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.” Matthew 7:10. I’m looking forward to re-training that blueprint belief so I can move forward and be all that God designed me to be!

Week 3

Well this has to be one of the most exciting things that has even happened to me! I am in the right place, at the right time with the right teachers! I have always been interested in personal growth and development and gravitated to anything that helped me become better versions of myself! The challenging part was that it was always a little training here, a good book there, and a motivational speaker with a great message somewhere else then where I needed them to be! Now I get to study personal responsibility along with personal growth, week after week and actually learn how to make lasting changes. This Master Key course, that somehow appeared in my email ( I still don’t know how that happened!!) has been WAY MORE THEN I COULD HAVE EVER EXPECTED! I can not wait till week 4 and the next lesson. I am fascinated with this concept of retraining our “Subby” to be the buddy we need it to be so we can shine like we were created to do. Let’s get this blueprint written and the bridge built properly!