In the end, only kindness matters. I’ve always loved this song and so perfect for our observation challenge this week. LISTEN to it while you read my blog. If we were to make a video of our recorded kindness this week it would be so touching and hours long!

Seriously. . . press play and take a moment to reflect on the power of KINDNESS, it’s got such a deep message and she has such an empowering touching voice. . . . “If I could tell the world just one thing. . .” ~Jewel

Kindness week, has been my favorite so far!! Getting to know so many more members and the messages back and forth released all kinds of powerful connections and GOOD peptides were released! The habit of being kind, looking for kindness was strengthened and concentrating on what really matters, left less space to worry, or waste our precisous thoughts on useless things. My girls were touched as well and were happy to be included in our kindness challenge. So grateful that this tired and weary world was a little less weary because of our “yes” to take the challenge and make KINDNESS and caring for others our focus!

It has been such a wonderful gift to witness ~The law of growth in action. ~ What you think about GROWS!! I TRULY believe we have begun to create or strengthen a fabulous new neuro net that helps us shine and be the light we were created to be. Thank you so much for brigning so much JOY and HOPE into my life this week!


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