Week 11

I did not want to write, had nothing to write this week. Still heart broken from the death of a loved one and funeral last weekend, and boy it left me heavy.

But thanks be to God to all you members out there… I finally had the brain space, time and ability to look at more blogs. I have done a little in the past, but today I made the time to see more of you, and what’s happening out there! What a great relief, surprise and inspiration! We are all in this together for sure . . .

Cause this week, more then ever, downer Betty team members arrived on the seen. There was . . . despair, worthless, confusion, frustration, annoying, why bother~ Eeyore style and many other combinations of yuck. If feelings were a fast food joint, I supersized all my orders this week. Finally it came to me, I am grieving, and that’s okay. . I don’t have to judge everything with the grief meter.

“Just be in it and not confuse the pain with your passion and purpose.”

Then on top of that, the Hanel challenge to envision that cone from the week before seemed like a great addition to “the kick you while you are down” combo, I didn’t even know I ordered. . . I was experiencing such frustration and discouragement I had no clue how to do that. So I decided to attend the University of U tube. I found a sample of a three dimensional cone here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAH7N6OsRhw from TIKLE’S ACADEMY. So this allowed me to at least see something. I also discovered how you can turn Isometric view into orthographic views ( one dimensional). Even though this are not the right way to view it from our directions it still gave me something to start the visualization from.

Image result for examples of isometric view  of cone created from orthographic views

It seemed so cool that the architects (especially before computers) needed this skill for “seeing” the completed building in their minds. So I continued to keep drawing the square with the circle in it and then I cut out another circle and made it into a cone smaller then the circle in the square, put a dot in the center of it and held it 10 inches in front of the square and circle. That was helpful too. Then I had the idea to make the lines thicker and that has also assisted with the visualization. Although the wall still remains blank, I can sometimes see a version of it when I close my eyes. I totally see the value of having a developed imagination and being able to fully visualize what our true purpose is. Just like architects I am learning how take my orthographic thoughts ( one dimensional) and make them isometric!

Thanks again, all of you for sharing your hero’s journey on your blogs, you were just what I needed, when I needed it post!😉

Hanel said that, “the accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success”.

Image result for the accuracy in building words and sentences is the highest form of architecture in civilization and is a passport to success”.

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